Addicted to love


In Addicted to Love Jan Geurtz demonstrates that our search for love and approval stems from a fundamental self-rejection. We try to compensate for that with other people’s appreciation, and especially a successful love relationship. But this has the opposite effect: it only reinforces the fundamental insecurity and dependence. Thus we develop an addiction to love and approval, and to the safety of a relationship. As a result, after a while most love relationships hit the rocks, or – perhaps even worse – get bogged down in a dreary co-existence with little space for growth and happiness.


With humour and practical examples, this book shows a way out of that vicious circle. Once we’ve let go of self-rejection, we find that all our painful emotions and deep longings for love and sex are no longer an obstacle, but rather a gateway to a state of being which is completely free of restriction and dependence, and which – whether we happen to have a relationship or not – is filled with love and clarity.


Jan Geurtz is the author of three previous Dutch bestsellers, on how to stop smoking, addictions and parenting. He has a degree in (special) education sciences, has studied philosophy of science, and is inspired by Buddhism.




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