Quit smoking in one day

Finally an English/American edition of this continental classic! “Quit Smoking in One Day“ is a best seller in The Netherlands and was earlier translated into Danish, German and Spanish. It is one of the most successful books ever written on the secret of ending cigarette addiction and has helped countless people quit smoking in one day! If you have ever wanted to quit smoking or wanted to help a loved one quit then this is the book for you.

Quit smoking in one day:
• without withdrawal symptoms
• no noticeable increase in weight
• without using force or self discipline
• a proven method used successfully for 15 years
• while quitting you may continue to smoke!


Jan Geurtz, best selling author, developed the “Free Yourself Method” in 1995 and since then countless people in European countries have read his book, attended his lectures and quit smoking in one day!




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